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Our Mission

The Women Ambassadors Forum is an inclusive, empowering platform for women leaders that enables an open dialogue regardless of social, economic, racial, or cultural background. We strive to provide aspiring women leaders from around the world with tools, knowledge, and opportunities to unlock their potential to spark positive change.

Our Vision

We seek to create the largest global network of aspiring women leaders whose stories ignite conversations and empower women to create the change they want to see in this world.

Our Goal

Empowering women across the globe by bringing together a diverse network of leading changemakers.

Our Team

Women Ambassadors Forum is a reality due to the experiential work that both undergraduate and graduate female students complete during their school year. We represent a wide range of majors and disciplines from top schools around the world, and each one of our Executive Team Members seeks to continuously expand our network through effective collaboration with our Ambassadors.

WAF Pillars

Nurture Proactive Female Leaders

WAF’s ultimate goal is to create a program in which female students feel confident to move forward with their goals and professional lives by gaining support and access to a network of accredited women from across the globe.

Lead by Example

Create a window of opportunity between female students and the corporate world that empowers them to dream big. This will allow women to connect globally, collaborate, and be inspired by other outstanding women within the same network.

Provide the Tools

Empower through actions and knowledge: workshops, platforms, and conferences.

Create Change

Nurture Ambassador Projects through mentorship, innovation, and connections.


Aid women in the discovery of their own potential.

Be a Bridge

Allow cultural differences to bring us closer to each other by understanding and learning from one another.

With our community of ambassadors, we engage in projects aimed at cultivating women's entrepreneurial, financial and leadership skills.

Our Network

Where are we?


2 countries represented in 2015 with 150 Applications (Mexico, US).

10 countries represented in 2016 with 285 Applications.

19 countries represented in 2017 with 589 Applications from 85 countries.

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Becoming an Ambassador

We host an annual Forum that brings female leaders from around the world together in order to become part of the physical community of Ambassadors. The five-day forum offers women the opportunity to interact with professionals and leaders from a wide range of disciplines in order to empower future projects. The program will include a professional development seminar, roundtable meetings with corporate and community leaders, speaker seminars, and field trips. The forum also offers women the opportunity to interact with each other and consequently take part in an invaluable exchange of ideas that connects each of the countries and cultures they represent. Every year, we obtain a pool of applications from proactive leaders across the globe that have already demonstrated an effort to create change within their social environments. We then invite a selective pool of women to attend our forum.

International Forum

June 12th - 16th, 2018
The Conference will be held on SMU’s Campus
Dallas, Texas


Women ages 18 - 30 years old.


Fee $400
Fee covers all forum expenses.
Every Delegate is responsible for their transportation cost.


Apply online through our website.

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