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Our Mission

Women Ambassadors Forum is a global organization that provides a platform for young women to engage in meaningful conversations with industry leaders. Through our global network, we provide professional guidance and promote gender equality around the world to shape our future female leaders.

Our Values

Our organization is established on a basis of cooperation, innovation, and connection. We hope to build a community among our women ambassadors, advocates of gender equality, leaders and professionals. We believe that women should not be restricted by their gender and should also have the ability of developing into the best version of themselves.

Our Team

Our global network of undergraduate students and business professionals from a wide range of industries provides a holistic perspective on the professional treatment of women.

Board of Directors

  • Ingrid Harb
  • Gaby Vazquez
  • Maria Cristina Ortegon
  • Paloma de Leon
  • Mirka Serrato
  • Mariana Chavez
  • Andrea Paola Guerra
  • Gloria Gutierrez
  • Oralia Cantu

Operations Team

  • Kelly Burke
  • Meghan Mardashti
  • Emma MacEachern
  • Ilona Neider
  • Taylor Mobley
  • Olivia Garza
  • Alexis Jarrett
  • Natalie Carrier
  • Humberto Sandigo
  • Lyric Smith
  • Amanda Willis
  • Elizabeth Haynie

WAF Pillars

Nurture proactive female leaders

WAF’s ultimate goal is to create a program in which female students feel confident of moving forward with their goals and professional lives due to having our support and access to a network of accredited women from across the globe.

Lead by Example

Create a window between female students and the corporate world that inspires them to someday be! This will allow women to connect globally and be inspired by other women within the same network, to collaborate.

Provide the tools

Empower through actions and knowledge: workshops, platforms, and conferences.

Create Change

Nurture Ambassador Projects through mentorship, innovation, and connections.


Aid women in the discovery of their own potential.

Be a Bridge

Allow cultural differences to bring us closer to each other by understanding and learning from one another.

With our community of ambassadors, we engage in projects aimed at cultivating women's entrepreneurial, financial and leadership skills.

Our Network

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2 countries represented in 2015

10 countries represented in 2016

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WAF 2017

Becoming an Ambassador

We host an annual Forum that brings female leaders from around the world together in order to become part of the physical community of Ambassadors. Our Ambassadors will have the opportunity to interact with our guest speakers, who are successful female leaders from a wide range of backgrounds and professions. During our four-day forum, we also offer leadership workshops that provide our Ambassadors with the tools to become the change they want to see in the world and further it through their own projects. Our Ambassadors have the opportunity to develop their knowledge and skills, expand their network, socialize with student leaders from different backgrounds, explore our wonderful host city of San Antonio, and continue their journey of becoming the architects of tomorrow.

International Forum

June 6th - 10th, 2018
The Conference will be held on SMU’s Campus
Dallas, Texas


Young women ages 18 - 30 years old.


Fee $500
Fee covers all forum expenses.
Every Delegate is responsible for their transportation cost.


Apply online through our website.

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