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Women are powerful. This is something WAF has known and championed since its inception. We began with the idea of making Leaders out of young girls, inspiring them to Be The Change, and most recently, to unleash The Ripple Effect that sends shockwaves and shatters glass ceilings.

We realize, however, that real impact can only come from a collective effort. Our mission is to create a platform that encourages an open dialogue where everyone has a seat at the table, no matter their social, economic, or cultural background. We are one, and as one we need to lift each other up and ensure we are enabling an inclusive space where everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed. Let’s replace structural shackles with warm handshakes; stop turning a blind eye and truly see our neighbors. Until we unite as an empowering collective will we be able to take the right steps to shatter the structural problems trying to hold us back.

Featured Speakers 2018

We are excited to welcome speakers to our 2018 Ambassador Forum.