Global Forum

Becoming an Ambassador
We designed a program that provides each ambassador the necessary tools to excel and generate a ripple effect not only in their respective communities but also worldwide.
The program includes

Professional development seminar

Roundtable meetings with corporate and community leaders

Speaker seminars

Field trips




The forum also offers women the opportunity to interact with each other and consequently take part in an invaluable exchange of ideas that connects each of the countries and cultures they represent. Every year, we obtain a pool of applications from proactive leaders across the globe that have already demonstrated an effort to create change within their social environments. We then invite a selective pool of women to attend our forum.

Meet the Team
"Real Impact can only come from a collective effort."
- Ingrid Harb
Ingrid Harb
Founder & Chief Executive Ambassador
Maru Payan
Chief Global Ambassador
Maria Cristina Ortegon
Chief Legal Ambassador
Cristina Fernandez
Chief Brand Ambassador
Paloma De Leon
Global Forum Operations Ambassador
Lorena Reyes
Chief Creative Ambassador
Mirna Janeh
Digital Communications Ambassador
Zebrina Maloy
Research & Development Ambassador
Maricruz Medina
Administrative Ambassador
Basha Holloway
Innovation Forum Operations Ambassador
Irvin Nava
Chief Technology Ambassador