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This year, we will focus on redefining the Ripple Effect. We want our ambassadors to symbolize and embody what it means to be agents of prolonged change in their respective social communities.

Often times we stroll through life without thinking about the impact of our actions and decisions. The true essence of woman empowerment is the ability to confidently take the steps that will change not only ourselves, but also those around us to the desired path. Although this impact can be as small as a drop of water, WAF believes these actions in fact carry endless potential. When overlapping this impact with passions and dreams we get as a result something powerful enough to shatter stereotypes, boundaries, and glass ceilings. This year we have decided to pay tribute to those actions that will lead us closer to our goal of gender equality and women empowerment. We are confident that this year’s forum will provide our ambassadors with the tools they need to be the drops of water that will create waves of change.

Featured Speakers 2017

We are excited to welcome speakers to our 2017 Ambassador Forum.

Carla Eboli

I've been living my life in a way in which i can help "send the elevator back down" as often as i can to the generation of undiscovered talent.

Laura Termini

It's never too late to learn something new.

Karissa Jobman

I find when I am passionate about life and learning new things. My students are too.

Maria Cramer

Women can tap into their fearlessness and find their power to make lasting change.

Jimena María Ramón

Be patient, very patient and if you aren't it will teach you to be.

Shelley Zalis

The First female chief executive ranked in the research industry's top 25.

Mary Ellen Kassotakis

Expert in womens's leadership development, inclusion, coaching and change management.

Carrie Tharp

Create your own path, building perseverance and courage along the way.

Wendy Sachs

It takes courage and forethought in order to turn your failures into something positive.

Janet Leung

Elif Kavakci

Let your differences empower you to make a difference in the lives of others.

Meredith Black

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