Global Forum

Becoming an Ambassador
We designed a program that provides each ambassador the necessary tools to excel and generate a ripple effect not only in their respective communities but also worldwide.
The program includes

Professional development seminar

Roundtable meetings with corporate and community leaders

Speaker seminars

Field trips

Cultural Activities

Hands on workshops

Professional headshots


The forum also offers women the opportunity to interact with each other and consequently take part in an invaluable exchange of ideas that connects each of the countries and cultures they represent. Every year, we obtain a pool of applications from proactive leaders across the globe that have already demonstrated an effort to create change within their social environments. We then invite a selective pool of women to attend our forum.

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Our organization is a collective of inspiring young women from every corner of the world. Since our inception in 2015, we grew from hosting two countries at our first conference to over sixty countries the following year. Since then, we have received applications from over eighty-four countries and counting.

  • 85 Countries in 5 years
  • Eight projects initiated by ambassadors after attending a WAF forum. Women in Evolution , Upgrade Jane , START America's Together , Sol Creative Media ,Abilitee Adaptive Wear, WeforShe, Latinas Rising, Beyond the Glass.
  • 90% of participants shared leaving the forum with practical, applicable advice, a vast network, and more importantly, they leave with a renowned desire to change the world.
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    "We are the largest network of female leaders residing in every corner of the world."